NEW! Help Prevent Global Warming

Some people say their pffarts smell like roses — our garden Faery Pffarts actually do! Prized by English gardeners since the middle ages, Faery Pffarts are said to enhance the fragrance of garden flowers and bring good luck to every gardener.

Infused with a single drop of enchanted rainwater — our garden fairy farts are aged a minimum of six years to bring out their full potency. Our Faery Pffarts are non-flammable and are thought to help prevent global warming,

Each pffart imparts a rich yet light and flowery aroma. One or two hung about the house or even outside on the patio or by the pool will last many months. Makes a thoughtful gift for birthdays or to welcome a new family to the neighborhood. And each Faery Pffarts gives off the scent of the season ... lilac in spring, roses or jasmine in summer pumpkin spice in fall and even a nice pine scent for the winter holidays. Since only certain faeries emit these scents quantities are limited...

Original Offerings is pleased do announce that we have recently upgraded our patented distillation process to increase the potency of our Faery Pffarts. Our unique process is based on the lost techniques of ancient Greek alchemists. After years of research, we have developed a large-scale distillation apparatus in response to world-wide demand for our Faery Pffarts. This means higher quality Faery Pffarts with increased potency and enhanced magical powers!