Garden Wars!


Well hello again,

It's been a while. There’s not a lot going on in Greendale. One can always get a clue as to what's happening by reading the LED sign by the arch leading down Northway. Bit of a problem though. Timing is CRUCIAL at the stop sign. Unfortunately, I got a green light and In order to get the full message I had to circle the block 3 times to find out that I needed a carbon monoxide detector.

We do have a new Yoga studio in the Village and the BBQ restaurant is getting a lot of buzz. Plus, try as we might to peek thru the paper covering over the windows, we must wait impatiently for Hidden Charms to open. Ferch’s has expanded and there are rumors of a Chic-fil-A in front of Wal-Mart. So, we appear to be moving forward.

The flower garden contest with Mr. Green Jeans next door is in full swing. He has opted for a simple carpet of pink roses in his front yard. I have to admit that it is quite stunning but … pretty monochromatic, right? I, on the other hand, went with a wild array of various colors. There is red, pink, several shades of purple, some yellows whites and blues.

In addition I have a few strawberry plants and either a tomato plant or a really hardy weed. Because there are no rules for this neighborhood garden war, I felt comfortable using some added mystical assistance. My granddaughter acquired some sand blessed by monks from an Indian Monastery. Which if scattered in your garden while chanting a secret mantra at dusk will guarantee beautiful, healthy plants.

PLUS I purchased a couple of Faerie Pharts to hang among the flowers ensuring an aroma which will waft lightly through the air. I think it's a hands down win for gramma right?

The neighbors may have suffered a few qualms when they saw a grey haired  limping old woman in bathrobe and bunny slippers muttering to herself and tossing dirt willy nilly into the air in the evening but that's the cost of living in a village right?

Nothing much new to report about Gump and Nellie either. They have settled into a lazy summer routine. Gump starts his day by staring at the blinking light on my Keurig coffeemaker until it goes out. Then spends an hour or two leaping at dust particles floating in the air.

Later, he and Nellie have their daily battle to determine the alpha cat, which is decided by who loses the most fur. Finally, Gump (now mostly hairless) takes his several hour nap.

I don't understand  those people who complain about  the youngsters nowadays being lazy and self centered. My grandkids are young people and I have never had a problem getting their help with chores around the house and the older I get the more helpful they have become. I think it's the way one relates to the younger generation, right? I just  call them to come over, give them a job list and tell them if there are any questions I'll be right inside studying my will. Works every time.

Housekeeping tip! If,by chance you find you have, by accident, dropped a whole bag of Tide Pods into your washer without realizing it and then actually wash a load of clothes, you will discover that your clothes and your washer will be covered in a substance that resembles primordial ooze. No matter how many times you rewash and re rinse the clothes you will not rid yourself of the goo factor. The best (and probably only) solution is to replace the washer and bury the clothes.

Anyhow like I said...not much going on in our Village. Just an afterthought though … maybe the sign by the arch could publish a list of the stores and restaurants in the village so visitors would have a preview of some of our assets … or not. I’m just saying.

Until next time

The Village Grandma