Good News for “Wrinklies”


Hello again,

Lately, I have noticed that, quite frequently when I look down, my glasses have a tendency to fall off of my head. Quite a puzzlement, right? I mulled over this enigma for quite some time and have come to the conclusion that as one gets older, while your body continues to balloon, your head actually shrinks! All except your ears ... some scientist should really look into this phenomena right?

I think the older generation should share their wisdom with the young. Unlike some of my more secretive peers, I am more than willing to unseal information. Like old family recipes for instance.

So, here is a delicious baked breast of chicken dish you might want to try... I discovered it by sheer accident. I was going to use the usual Corn Flakes for breading  when I discovered that I was out of Corn Flakes.

Happily, I still had an old box of Grape Nuts (not the flakes mind you, the actual Grape Nuts) and dredged the chicken breasts in an egg wash followed by a generous layer of the cereal.

After baking, I removed the dish from the oven only to discover that, instead of covering the chicken in a crispy crust, the Grape Nuts had coagulated into a brown circular mass on each chicken breast, resulting in a favorite dish my family calls “Chicken Nipples”. If served with a large green salad and prune Danish for dessert you have taken care of the fiber requirements for at least a week!! 

Amusement parks have the right idea. For safety, they have height requirements. So, if you aren't tall enough you can't get on the ride. I'm thinking the same requirements should apply at the DMV. If you are shorter than your steering wheel when seated in your car you can't drive ... oh wait ... never mind.

Super news for us “wrinklies”. According to the New York Times, fashion section not only will purple be the new black for the fall season, but shades of brown will also be in vogue. Perfect for those of us with varicose veins AND age spots...

Gump has lost interest in the tube of wrapping paper ... with no new conquests on the horizon he was actually ogling his SISTER! She soon put a stop to that ... I found bits of fur strewn throughout the house and Gump looking like he lost a bout with a shredder. She is such a diva!

I found the perfect place if you need a little down time ... drive to the corner of Loomis and Grange. If you're lucky enough to arrive there at the same time the light turns red  you will have plenty of time to veg out , plan your day, read your e-mails etc. I was able to complete the Sunday NYT crossword puzzle before the light turned green!

Must run ... I see my neighbor is out sharpening his garden tools and this year I made myself a vow that my flowers would outshine his. This will be a Herculean task since every square inch of his yard has flowers on it. I plan to out-bloom him this year though with a dazzling array of ground cover, heirloom plants and — if desperation sets in — weeds. Wish me luck,,,

Til next time then,

The Village Grandma