POPULAR TODAY: Faery Pffarts

Some people say their pffarts smell like roses — our garden Faery Pffarts actually do! Prized by English gardeners since the middle ages, Faery Pffarts are said to enhance the fragrance of garden flowers and bring good luck to every gardener.

About Original Offerings

To understand Original Offerings, Inc., you must understand where it began. Original Offerings was born in one-of-a-kind village, it is unique enough to be designated as a National Historic Landmark. More than that, this Village just might be a bit magical. The original houses are all square, sturdy and painted in many colors ... buttercup yellow, tea rose pink, cottage green and even Queen Elizabeth purple.

The streets have names that evoke nature. Apple Court, Berry Lane, Carnation Court, Apricot Lane. These same streets are frequently dead ends and have no exit. This leads unsuspecting visitors into the woodlands surrounding the village. More often than not they find themselves walking on one of the many footpaths, perhaps coming upon an old crooked oak tree or a wooden bridge spanning the village creek.

The Village of Greendale, Wisconsin was fashioned after an old English town. So, no one should be surprised to come across one of Tolkien's goblins, one of Lewis Carroll's faeiries....possibly the White Witch courtesy of C.S.Lewis. So you see.. this is the environment that inspires Original Offerings. We hope that, whatever might interest you will bring you something unexpected and delightful.

What Our Customers Say...

Original Offerings is really great!
--Shaquina, Madison
This will be so cute in my Garden. Can't wait to show it off!!!
--Jenny, Greendale
Added this to our newly landscaped garden. Get lots of comments from passer-bys.I plan to order another to fill in another space.
--Mary, Grand Rapids